Proof Theory: Herbrand Theorem revisited

The workshop "Proof Theory: Herbrand Theorem revisited" will take place on 25.-27.5.2017 at TU Wien.

Herbrand's theorem belongs to the greatest results in logic of the 20th century. This result had a major impact on proof theory and automated deduction. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss recent developments in Herbrand-based logical inference and its applications.

Invited Speakers

Rosalie Iemhoff
Pavel Pudlák


Bahareh Afshari
Juan Aguilera
Federico Aschieri
Matthias Baaz
David Cerna
Gabriel Ebner
Stefan Hetzl
Roman Kuznets
Graham Leigh
Alexander Leitsch
Michael Lettmann
Tomer Libal
Anela Lolic
Revantha Ramanayake
Giselle Reis
Martin Riener
Simon Wolfsteiner
Sebastian Zivota


Invited speakers 1h; other contributions will last 20 minutes


Seminar room "Gödel", Favoritenstr. 9, access from the inner courtyard
TU Wien

Program Committee

Matthias Baaz
Stefan Hetzl
Alexander Leitsch